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Born long and thin of hammer, sweat  and fire.
I am an ancient lathe from the dawn of desire.
Many have I aided in the pursuit of their needs.
Upon metal, clay, and wood were my deeds.
Among my peers, I am considered unique.
I reproduce while others only seek.
I was built, when needed, of things at hand.
Today, I am preserved for the needs of the second hand.
With bow , pole, and treadle, I evolved through time.
I live, produce, and evolve to fill time.
Until now my use was determined by need.
Now,  I perform for those who  create through need.
I was old and dusty and rarely used.
I am now new and shiny and daily used.
Few were those who pursued the rules of my use.
Today, many are frustrated by my use.
I am the lathe of antiquity.
I am the machine of ubiquity.
Treat me as well as did he before you.
I gave less to him than I will give to you.
To all before you, I was work to be done.
I can be diversion, escape, expression,  and fun!
I am the lathe.